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Lou Manna
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Lou Manna is a photographer working out of Brooklyn, NY 11204
(212) 727-2505 Work;(917) 886-3193 Cell
Bardagjy Photography
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Paul Bardagjy is a photographer working out of Austin, TX
(512) 452-9636 Work
(512) 451-9636 Fax
Gil Ford Photography Inc.

I photograph people, places and things. A second generation photographer, I have many years experience as a working commercial photographer. I have worked for over 300 magazines and many advertising agencies and corporate clients from across the globe. Dependable and creative, you can trust your project to Gil Ford.
(601) 353-9675 Work;(601) 906-2285 Cell
Matthew Gilson

I’ve been producing photographs since 1988 for national magazines such as Time, Forbes, BusinessWeek, National Geographic Traveler, Men’s Vogue, New York Times magazine, Runner’s World and Bon Appetit.
I’m as comfortable working in a CEO’s office as I am on a fishing boat in the Illinois River.
(773) 278-0000 Work
(773) 278-3003 Fax
Mike Houska Photographer

Mike Houska is a photographer working out of Bend, OR
(541) 382-2230 Work
(541) 388-1340 Fax
Schilling Photography

David Schilling is a photographer working out of Norcross, GA
(678) 358-5499 Work
Terry Vine Photography, Inc.
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Terry Vine is a photographer working out of Houston, TX
(713) 528-6788 Work
(713) 528-6852 Fax
Robert Lorenz

A photographer working out of New York, NY and Old Saybrook, CT

(212) 505-8483 Work;(860) 388-2533 Home
Gordon Smith

A photographer working out of Redding, CT

(203) 664-1590 Work;(203) 505-3090 Cell
Hubbell Photography

I’ve always believed that a fantastic image was waiting to be discovered in every square yard of the earth’s surface. All I needed to capture it was the right light, mated with the right camera, lens and recording medium.

That image is the treasure I’m searching for when I go out to photograph. My working life is a treasure hunt, seeking the ‘golden’ image that most succinctly states what it is I’m asked to communicate.
(207) 829-3800 Work
(207) 829-6785 Fax