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David Hume Kennerly

A photographer working out of Santa Monica, CA
(310) 453-8481 Work
(310) 828-0183 Fax

Come see my photographs at my Digital Capability Web site at
(815) 777-9242 Work
Ed Bock Photography

Edward J Bock III is a photographer working out of Minneapolis, MN
(612) 332-8504 Work;(612) 920-6221 Home
Ed Wheeler Photography, Inc.

25 years of annual reports have put me on the other side of the camera from some from the most important CEO’s in the country. Companies like, Verizon, GE, Motorola, the Fedearal Reserve, Blackrock, Vanguard, The Fireman’s Fund, Kraft and Philip Morris. I have also shot the kid next door and Santa Claus. See them all on my website:
(610) 964-9294 Work
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Erich Hartmann

Erich Hartmann is a photographer working out of New York City, with Magnum Photos Inc.

(212) 966-9200 Work
Executive Business
Frank Siteman, a photographer working in Winchester, MA

If I were a musician, my instrument would probably be the violin. It
takes years of practice to make a decent sound come out of one.

It’s all about the craft.

I don’t want to make edgy photographs, meant to make you nervous.
I want to make your personal vision(s) come true.
Do I have a personal vision?
Of course!
However, it changes with the lengthening shadows, and peaks with the
setting sun.
(781) 729-3747 Work;(781) 799-0483 Cell
Gail Mooney

Partner at Kelly/Mooney Productions specializing in storytelling still and motion imagery. Serving greater NYC
(973) 543-6868 Work;(201) 317-9048 Cell
(973) 543-9594 Fax
Gil Ford Photography Inc.

I photograph people, places and things. A second generation photographer, I have many years experience as a working commercial photographer. I have worked for over 300 magazines and many advertising agencies and corporate clients from across the globe. Dependable and creative, you can trust your project to Gil Ford.
(601) 353-9675 Work;(601) 906-2285 Cell
GR Lindblade & Co.

George R. Lindblade is a photographer working out of Sioux City, IA

(712) 255-4346 Work;(888) 255-4346 Work
(712) 255-5328 Fax
Haas Editions LLC

Ken Haas is a photographer working out of Sharon Springs, NY 13459-2214

(518) 254-0206 Work
(518) 254-0106 Fax