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Michael Anthony Photography

Michael Malyszko has always loved photographing people – models being models, models pretending to be real people, real people acting as models, and real people just being themselves. He has done this for major corporations, prestigious universities and hard-working non-profits. And always the method is the same: check the ego at the door and work tirelessly to capture genuine moments, iconic images that belie the presence of the photographer.
In the course of this commercial career, Michael with his partner Judith at his side has, on multiple occasions, agreed to the request of clients and friends (as well as families and friends of clients!) to create personal memories as a wedding and portrait photographer. From a nostalgic marriage on a beach on Cape Cod to a studio portrait of a mother, her kids and their dog (a surprise present for Dad!), from a several hundred person celebration at a five-star hotel in Boston to a romantic couple with an iconic New England lighthouse as a backdrop, Michael savored the opportunity to mark the emotional signature of each.
This is not only important work, but tremendously fun and touching as well, because in the end the best thing about freelance photography is taking beautiful pictures that make people happy. So we have started a second studio, Michael Anthony Photography (Anthony is Michael’s middle name), to serve our non-commercial clients’ needs. Michael with Judith at his side will realize your commission with gentility and sophistication, discretion and creativity. Dressed to match the occasion, they will melt into the gathering, but will never forget that they are on assignment. They will discover the romantic and poignant moments record not only what you planned, but also a lot you never imagined would happen.
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Michael Anthony Photography